12 Rules for Being on the Internet

1 :Have a strong password - One that's easy to remember but also hard to guess.

2: Keep it personal - Don't tell anyone you do not know things about your personal life

3: Use privacy settings - take advantage of these settings to help keep things private.

4: Keep your friends close - make sure your friends on social networking websites are your actual friends and don't add anyone you don't know

5: Things you say are permanent - nothing can be permanently deleted so watch what you say

6: Maintain a good presence - a good online presence online will help you be more successful with anything you're doing online

7: Communicate precisely - Get to the point and say what you mean. Don't ramble or add anything unnecessary, it can make your message unclear

8: Be respectful - don't be mean and disrespectful; treat others the way you wish to be treated

9: Use good grammar - people will take you more seriously if you communicate properly

10: Be professional - a professional presence online will reflect on you positively

11: Read carefully - read things carefully to make sure what you're doing, downloading, or buying online is safe.

12: Trash it - if an email, file, or advertisement looks suspicious, delete it. Better safe then sorry