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Should students be able to listen to music during class?


Students should listen to music in class because most students get distracted with all the noise in the class and all the other students talking rather than not getting their work done.

1st Reason: it keeps you focused on there work or job

79% of students/workers listen to music because it keeps them focused on their work or project. Most people won't have time to make distractions while listening to music or talk to one another because they are focusing on their work.

2nd Reason: It's harder to concentrate

It is more difficult for you to do a assignment when you are in a room that is really silent or in a room where there is all kinds of things making a lot of noise and when there is people talking about something or them doing something.

3rd Reason: it makes you feel relaxed

Most students get distracted on how much time for their work to be done or they get distracted because it is almost time for lunch. But if they listen to music they will finish their assignment or project faster way and in a their own pace, rather than getting rushed and worrying about the time.

4th Reason: Most people won't bother you because you are busy listening to music

Most students or at least some bother you for help on a assignment or project or they don't know how to do something, and what are they supposed to do. But when you are listening to music people will know you are trying to do your work while listening to music, rather than you helping all kinds of students every 10 min while your trying to get your work done in piece.

5th Reason: It helps you stay alert

Students in school mostly fall asleep in class or put their head down because they are not alert with the lesson or assignment. But if they were listening to music they would stay awake and they will pay more attention to the lesson or assignment.
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