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Maybe like some of you, I learned a different saying about what happens when you “assume.” Therefore, I try not to make assumptions about people. I believe that problems often arise when we judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions. We justify our actions, especially when we make mistakes, by our intentions going into it. We process poor outcomes by saying, “I meant well,” “I wasn’t trying to offend them,” or “That was not how I wanted this to turn out.” Then we move on or blame others because we knew our intentions were good, regardless of what happened. On the flip side, we tend to judge others only by the outcome. “Why were they trying to be so mean?” “If that is how they handle this, they must not care.”

This idea has greatly improved my mental and emotional approach when encountering challenging interactions and situations. When I get into one of these situations with another person, I no longer immediately conclude that the other person has it in for me or is trying to make my life difficult. I do my best to take a deep breath and attempt to understand the other person’s perspective. I use a little empathy. I give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they have the best intentions.

Many times, they actually come from a place of good intentions and, surprisingly, are not trying to make my life more difficult. I know it might be hard to believe, but rarely are other people trying to ruin your day by the decisions they make or have previously made. Believe me, every person you contact daily is not thinking, How will this choice impact (insert your name here)?

Remember that in most cases, the person you are dealing with is trying to do what they believe is best given their knowledge on the issue in question. In most cases, the problem is that person’s knowledge is limited or different from your own. That does not make them bad or wrong. However, it requires you to be more patient and understanding. The only person you can control in any situation is yourself. And, your reaction often impacts the true outcome of a problem. In whatever role you fill in life, you must be willing to accept that patience and understanding are vital parts of successfully working with others. When you give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they have the best intentions, you will be able to move and grow with people rather than trying to improve despite them.

Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions: 🙌🏽

Thank you to:

  • everyone for helping us give the Panorama survey this week.
  • Jamie Marshall of coordinating the field trip to the Indiana Latino Institute today.
  • the athletic department and coaches for helping coordinate tonight's football game.


Grateful Friday Challenge 🎉

Week 7: Grateful Friday Challenge

Welcome one and all to the end of another week! (Why do short weeks feel so long?) Regardless, we did it!

Since we had a four-day week…today let’s celebrate the number 4! To keep the fun rolling for one more day this week! Your #SHSGFC is to write 4 positive post-its to 4 different people. Stick a note on a classroom door during passing period, place one on a student’s desk, or pat one onto your colleague’s shoulder as they pass you in the hallway -- place these wherever you would like to spread a little positivity.

Keep that Cardinal spirit up!

With banners flying as we go…


180 Days of Learning

Cardinals at SMS

Four SHS sophomores visited Southport Middle School to help Mr. Harmon's students learn about the interview process. The SHS students helped conduct interviews with each member of Mr. Harmon's class. It was a great experience for the high school students to run interviews and also good practice for the 8th graders as they worked to refine their interview skills.

Jake Harrell

Mr. Harrell has restarted FCA at SHS. As part of this group, Mr. Harrell is working with the members to perform service projects around the school each month. To start, Mr. Harrell and the FCA helped give the cafeteria a good cleaning this week. We appreciate the efforts of the FCA to help our custodial staff but also to live out our core value of service.

Tom Davis

Mr. Davis and his Latin 2/3 students are continuing to extend their grasp of the Latin language. Students discussed the difference between passive and active verbs and then applied that knowledge to the vocabulary that they have been learning in class.

Andrew Geller

Mr. Geller's US History students are studying the Civil War. In class, students were talking about tactics used by the union in the South. Students learned about General William Tecumseh Sherman and the brutal methods he was allowed to use to send a message to the Confederate states about how far the union was willing to go to stop the war.


Educational Humor 😁

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