Walk Two Moons Project

By Adam F

Summary of Novel

Sharon Creech's novel, Walk Two Moons, is about a 13 year old girl named Sal. She tells a sad story about her friend Phoebe to her Grandparents, while she is traveling to Lewiston Idaho, by car, to visit her mom's grave. Sal describes how her friend Phoebe over reacts most of the time.

Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel, Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech uses clues in the book to display foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is an important part in the novel because it kept me wanting to read until the end, and it made the novel more captivating. It also made me really search for more symbols and any clues throughout the novel.

Symbol #1

One of the symbols used in the novel is blackberries. The first time the symbol is used (p.21) Sal is over at Phoebe's house and her mom is making blackberry pie in the kitchen. ''I'm making blackberry pie,'' ''I hope you like blackberries- is there something wrong? really if you don't like blackberries, I could-'' ''No,'' said Sal ''I like blackberries very much.'' 12 pages later (p.33), blackberries come up again when Sal remembers a time her mother and she walked around the rims of the fields and pastures, in Bybanks, picking blackberries. Whenever blackberries are talked about, it is always in a memory. I think the blackberry symbolizes memories of Sal's life when her mother was alive. The author is good at describing Sal's memories and thoughts of her mom - she remembers like a real person. It is through this symbolism that supports my thinking that foreshadowing is displayed.
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Symbol #2

Another symbol in the novel is trees. One of the times the symbol is used (p.100), Sal sees the trees being blown in the breeze outside of the hospital and in her mind, she envisions the trees are singing in the wind. This passage symbolizes saying good-bye because of how the wind signals a wave or wave-like motion. I also think that the trees in the novel represent strength because of how Sal's emotions are tested with all that she is going through. Sal and her mom show their love and respect for trees by kissing each one, and each one having that same blackberry taste. Without this icon in the novel, the story would have been affected drastically. Sal's name my have been changed, the trees would never have sang, and Sal and her mom would not have kissed trees. My analysis is that trees are a major symbol, and Sharon Creech uses foreshadowing to make the reader really think and she creates a bond with the reader through her novel.
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