A Guide to Bunburying

By: Samuel Johnson

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying (Bun-bear-y-ing) is a process in which someone creates themselves another life, usually to get away from their original life if they are bored or tired with their family, friends, and/or job.

How to Bunbury:

Step One: Get a different name.

Have a different name for each life you plan on having. To the left, you see a picture of NBA player Ron Artest when he changed his name to "Metta WorldPeace"

Why would someone Bunbury?

Someone would Bunbury if they are bored with their life. Bunburying is very fun, exciting, thrilling, and exhilarating.

Step Two: Get a new look.

Have a different look for each life you have. This may include: A different hair style, a mustache, and a completely differeny wardrobe and attire.

Problems to watch out for while Bunburying.

Watch out for getting your two lives intermixed. You don't want your family or friends to find out that you're are living a second life. Don't forget to keep switching identities. You may remember to change your name from life to life, but you might forget to switch your attire and clothes.

Step Three: Get a different background story.

Have a different background story for each life you have. This may include: Where you came from, childhood, who your relatives are, etc.

Solution to problems.

Have a checklist. While you are in the transition phase of going from life to life, be sure to check off things that you have done. Always have a backup plan. If you get caught, you need to have an explanation ready.

You are now ready to Bunbury!