Cole Younger

By: Taylor Scheidt

Who Was Cole Younger?

There was guy and his name is Cole Younger, and he was a bad guy. He robbed banks and trains, and he killed people and had SLAVES!!! He was born on January 15, 1844. He had a wonderful family. He had a mom and a dad. The mom’s name is Bersheba Leighton Fristoe, and his dad’s name is Henry washington Younger. Cole didn’t have any brothers or sisters! He is the only child!! Then something bad happened. Cole’s dad died!!!! He died on July, 1862! It so sad. :’( Before Cole’s dad died he and his dad fought in the war together. I guess when they were doing that Cole liked killing people, so he became the most famous outlaw because he started to kill people. And there is one more thing about Cole.

What did Cole Younger Do?

Cole Younger like I have said in many paragraph´s He is a bad guy! He robbed banks and trains, had slaves, and he killed people. People might not think this but Cole was important! The reason why is because people knew him as a outlaw and a robber and a murderer so he was infamous. Guess where Cole lived? He lived right he in Lee's Summit, and back then Lee´s Summit had a lot of slave owner´s so Cole wanted to be one so he turned into a slave owner. Then he meet Jesse James and frank James and joined forces with them.

What was Cole Younger´s Impact on the World?

You probably already know this, but Cole´s impact on the world is he made the world worse than it was before. The reason why is he encouraged people to kill other people and robb bank´s! And you know how he robbed banks and trains? Well people probably heard of him, so that might have made them want to be like him so they turned to bad guys.

Should We Try to be Like Cole Younger? Why/ Why Not?

First off no one should be like Cole Younger! You know why? BECAUSE he robbed banks and trains, had slaves, and at least killed up to 800 people! THAT´S WHY!!