Russian Class Update

Updates from your Russian teacher, Kateryna Decker

What is going on in Russian Classes.

  • We have already finished Week 5 in online Russian class. Last week students had a rather large recording to submit. However, due to many students being sick, not being able to practice reading with coach, I have extended the recording assignment until the end of the day, this coming Friday, March 3d.
  • Instructor Virtual Office Hours
    I would like to offer an additional help to those who want to practice the recording assignment. Encourage your students to attend.

    When: Thursday, March 2 @7pm

    Where: Instructor office hours virtual room

  • We are working in Week 6 where we are learning how to talk about school life, subjects we like and do not like.
  • I am sending progress grades to schools every two weeks. If you haven't gotten any updates about your student standing in this class, you can simply ask your student to log in to class and look at the Grades. I grade daily, so you will be able to see the most updated picture.
  • Please encourage your students to catch up on late work if they are behind. If student has assignments that are past due they see "zeros" in their grade book. They are encouraged to make up that late work.
  • All students are supposed to attend live speaking sessions with assigned language coach. Students who attend conversation sessions regularly are doing great in class.
  • I understand that sometimes student has to miss the speaking session. I would like a parent or school representative to confirm via email or phone that student had to miss the speaking session.
  • Students can make up missed speaking session:
    - by listening to the recording of the missed session and submitting a summary to the coach.
    - student can also attend make up session offered by the language coach.

Interesting facts

Join us on a trip to Russia in Summer 2019

Click here to learn more about Russian tour

If you are interested and were not able to attend information meeting you are welcome to contact the group leader for this tour.
Kateryna Decker
980-328-5125 (talk and text)

Below is the picture from our trip to Russia last summer. We visited many famous places including iconic Russian landmark St. Basil's cathedral. Did you know that the architects of it were blinded by the szar so they will not be able to recreate anything this beautiful again.

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