Digital Citizenship Project

Alex G P2 12-14-15

Top 7 Digital Etiquette Rules

1. Treat others with respect.

2. Dont post any personal information

3. Dont post pictures of other poeple unless you have permission.

4. Stay anonymous until you and your parents check out the website to see if its safe

5. When someone tries to bully you its best just to block them and save what has been said to you to show an adult or supervisor.

6. When you use some one elses work make sure to give them credit for information, pictures, and quotes.

7. When using other peoples work on the internet make sure to look at the copy write, when using the pictures, videos, ect depending on the license you should always ask the owner for permission to use it.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Why you should follow Digital Citizenship?

On the internet everyone should be kind to one another wether its on a chatsite, a game, or blogs/ forums. Digital Citizenship is basically like the out side world but on a computer, you should always be kind to other people, dont post stuff that could hurt other people. If something mean or rude has been said its best just to leave the situation and tell an adult. Its important to follow digital citizen ship because you would want to have a good reputation just like you would like outside of the internet. Another reason to follow it is because if you post something that involves you cyber bullying its gets reported to local police stations, and you could be arrested for harrasment.
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