Vote for Adams!

Build a better America

Why John Adams?

You should vote Mr. John Adams for president because he is one of Massachusetts's most active patriots. This shows that Adams is a prideful American, and cares a lot about this country. He has spent nearly his entire life in government, served as Vice President under Washington, and has a lot of great ideas for our country. For instance, Adams wants the wealthy class to rule. This is smart because wealthy people are rich for a reason. Their hard work and intelligence paid off, and bright people with good work ethics are who we need in office. You wouldn't let uneducated people teach a class so why would you want the future of our country in the hands of farmers? Farmers can't run a country! Also, he believes that our economy should emphasis manufacturing. This will help our country flourish by making money for our country and employing more people thus creating more jobs. Lastly, Adams believes that a national bank will do our country well as opposed to a system of state banks. National banks are advantageous because the government can collect taxes and directly input them into resources our country needs such as our army, and in general it would be more efficient because it would be quicker to process all of the deposits. As evident, Adams is the one and ONLY rational choice to run our great country and lead us to success and prosperity.