Barbara D's Surprise B-day Party

The birthday party she saw coming

Come celebrate Barbara's day of birth

A terrific party is planned

with birthday candles to blow,

but don’t tell the Birthday Girl,

because she doesn’t know!

Barbara's Surprise B-day

Saturday, July 27th, 8pm

100 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC

Building 126

Alice will take Barbara on an adventure that will have her arriving at her apartment around 8:30 PM. Be there on time to be a part of the surprise!

Contact Information (for directions, plans etc)

  • Joshua Ddamulira 423-400-8336
  • Chika Umeadi 630-873-9620
  • Alice Esame 256-457-2075
  • Hank Sell 651-324-6369

Bring a bottle of your favorite drink......#casualturnup