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Weekly Newsletter January 19-22

Peek @ the Week

Tuesday, January 19

  • Report cards go home
  • GLP- All grade levels meet in the literacy room (Room 504 A) for the first 5 minutes of planning. We will then move to classrooms to plan.
  • Afternoon professional development 2:45 pm in media center

Wednesday, January 20

  • PAY DAY!!!!
  • Awards day forms due to Mrs. Skinner
  • Literacy and Math coach meetings

Thursday, January 21

  • Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night
  • Grade level chairs meet w/ Dr. P & Mrs. Skinner 2:45 pm office conference room

Friday, January 22

  • School spirit day
  • Order lunch out
  • 2nd 9 Weeks Awards Day (8:30 am- 3rd & 4th grades; 9:30 am- 1st & 2nd grades)

Need to Know News Shared with OES Parents

2016 OES Spelling Bee – Last Friday, Oakland Elementary School held its annual spelling bee. After a tremendous effort from all participants, 4th grader Sydnee Spencer was declared this year’s winner. Fourth grader Co’Yante Haywood was named runner up. Sydnee will continue on, representing Oakland at the district level. We are proud of all of this year’s participants and congratulate this year’s winners! A special word of appreciation is given to Mrs. Sapier, Mrs. Roberts, and Mrs. McKelvey for their help in this year’s bee.

A Message from Dr. P

Last Tuesday's grade level planning was especially efficient. After planning, I spent some time, reflecting on what made this day particularly productive. This effectiveness, I believe, was a direct result of each grade level's collective focus. Most grade levels worked on an upcoming assessment; others worked on a few specific tasks involving an upcoming PBL. Both approaches provided for productive times of grade level planning. Rather than coming to the proverbial table with a blank legal pad ready to plan for the coming week, every grade level came with a specific task. In one planning session, after working on the assessment, a teacher commented that she now felt more confident in her ability to teach the content. THIS is the strength of common, meaningful planning. Preparing an assessment not only brought more productivity during GLP, it also provided for great discussion around teaching and learning. So, I'm encouraging all grade levels to come to GLP with an assessment (formative, unit, rubric, checklist, etc.) or a specific task that will provide for everyone's collective focus. The assessment does not need to be in its final draft; actually, it would be best if it came in draft form, ready to strengthened, revised, or tweaked. If you have thoughts, please keep the conversation going. As always, we will experience the most growth when we engage in regular reflection of our practice. Looking forward to a great week!

Mark Your Calendars...

  • January 19th- Report Cards
  • January 21st- Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night
  • January 22nd- 2nd 9 Weeks Awards Day
  • January 25th- School Visits (Spring Semester), RtI/PBIS Team @DO 3:00 pm, Induction class @DO 4:15 pm
  • January 27th- Fine Arts @DO 3:45 pm
  • January 28th- RtI Meetings
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Birthday Wishes Go Out To...

Ashley McKelvey- January 21st

Jennifer Watson- January 28th

Brandy Gault- January 29th