Mid-Term Exam Part 1 DUE

かようび (kayoubi-Tuesday)- Mar 17, 2015

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Today's Important Info:


*Today your Mid-Term Exam Part 1 DUE by 11:59pm TODAY!

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Please do your best!! This Friday is the LAST day for this 1st 9 weeks!! ^o^


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  • For all 3 parts of the mid-term exams I will have to manually grade them all. So 3 parts X 75 students, so please bare with me with receiving your grades back for the mid-term.
  • Make sure you make up ALL your MISSING WORK by THIS FRIDAY Mar 20th!
    (This includes: assignments, quizzes, coaching sessions, LinguaFolio assignments, Mid-term exams part 1, 2, 3!)
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If you have NOT done so, make sure you complete this survey. This is to let me know where you are in the course, when your spring break is, and your last day of school is. Please be SURE to complete this.

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Click this link to find troubleshoots for coaching, learn different ways to attend. Learn how to attend using a phone! ^o^ If you're having trouble >.< with attending coaching, here are some info to help you. ^.^

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