Chivers' Chronicles

Notes from AP Meeting

Progress Reports

Progress reports are to be sent home in your Wednesday folders on September 16th. The question was asked if we would be continuing with this form of reporting in the future, and the answer was probably not. With the roll out of ParentPortal in PowerSchool be moving away from this.

Science Benchmarks

K5-2nd grade Science Benchmarks are in booklet form. Please let me know when you are teaching Science this nine weeks so I can get your tests to you. K5-2nd grade statistics will be reported through Canvas this year. I will send you all the URL once tests are administered. In Canvas, you will need to put the number missed from class i percent form (no percent mark is needed). I will have an example attached to your benchmarks.

3rd-5th grade Science Benchmarks are intended to be administered through Canvas. The results will be instantaneous. From this, you are expected to hold a conversation with your students regarding the questions missed, and why.

There is an upcoming Science PD on September 12 and September 19- Teaching Science Outdoors. There is a $10 fee to participate.

There have been requests for more kit training. While they are not doing grade level kit training like last year, there will be two overarching trainings offered.

Matter (covers K5, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th)- September 17th in the District Office Training Room from 3-5pm

Earth Materials (covers 1st, 3rd, and 5th)- September 23rd in the District Office Training Room from 3-5pm

If you are interested in leading or assisting with the session, please contact Kim Massey (Anderson).

Kim would like to come to your PLCs to discuss Science benchmark results. In addition, she would love to come and support your Science Instruction.

Hot Off the Press!

The RFP for the SC standardized tests went out last Friday. What does this mean? There is a deadline of September 21st for all bids to be in, Once there has been a selection process, appeal process, etc, we should find out which test grades 3-5 will take in the spring. Hopefully, we will have this information by mid-October.

MAP Testing

Please review the following link for being a proctor for the MAP test. There are 3 short videos that will serve as training for you. On Tuesday, we will spend a few minutes walking through the steps so you will be ready to begin testing.

There is also a student video for them to see what is expected on the test, as well as a sample test.

Extra! Extra!

If your grade level happens to have any extra Lucy Calkins Writing Units, please bring them to the office.
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