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RCOE Secondary School Counselor Leadership Network

Our Next Network Meeting is Quickly Approaching!

Our next Riverside County Secondary School Counselor Leadership Network Meeting is taking place at the Riverside Convention Center on February 4th. Please plan on attending as we will be bringing in some of the nation's most recognizable figures in the field of counseling. In addition to our keynote speakers, we will have great break out sessions and will celebrate the National Week of the Counselor. This will be a great day that you will not want to miss!

RCOE Secondary School Counselor Leadership Network Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 4th, 8:30am-3:30pm

3637 5th Street

Riverside, CA

Welcome - Kenneth M. Young, Superintendent of Schools, Riverside County

Our keynote speakers will include:

Dr. Patricia J. Martin

Dr. Joyce V. Brown

Our special guests:

Dr. Loretta Whitson

Dr. Trish Hatch

Dr. Laura Owen

Bob Tyra

Becky Marchant & Rob Stelmar

Wayne Sakamoto

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Keynote Address - School Counselors: It’s a Celebration! Your Big Table Presence and Charge for the Future

Dr. Joyce V. Brown & Dr. Patricia J. Martin will highlight the movement of school counselors to the national college and career readiness stage. Be prepared to hear how school counselor leadership has advanced our profession from the school house to the White House. Counselor key performance indicators and metrics aligned to postsecondary outcomes will be outlined, as a pathway to drive equitable educational results for all students
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The Leadership Institute of Riverside County

The Leadership Institute of Riverside County (LIRC), a subsidiary of the Riverside County Office of Education, offers professional development services and programs for school leaders throughout Riverside County. These programs provide a cohesive set of developmental learning experiences designed to build capacity with new and experienced leaders and administrators, as well as prepare prospective school principals for the increased challenges of school leadership.

Our programs and services make a significant contribution to our Riverside County school districts by preparing future school leaders and educational administrators to be instructional leaders capable of the level of effectiveness needed to produce high performing schools where all students realize the Riverside County Office of Education Pledge: “All students will graduate from high school well prepared for college and the workforce.”