North Korea a Broken World

Rights Violations

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My name is Kenneth. and this flyer was created as a part of a school project to inform people about Rights Violations in North Korea. Scan this QR code to access my online flyer and links.

“…Young inmates in North Korean prison camps became so desperate for food they would eat live worms or snakes caught in the field to feel something inside of their stomachs (Witness).”

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“These camps are characterized by systematic abuses and often deadly conditions, including meager rations that lead to near starvation, virtually no medical care, lack of proper housing, and clothes, regular mis-treatment including sexual assault and torture by guards, and execution”. (World Report 2015: North Korea)
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Elementary students exit a vehicle to enter a shelter during a civil defense drill against a possible attack by North Korea on Baeknyeong Island,
They are forced to live in these camps that are like the concentration camps the Jews and other groups were sent to during the Holocaust.