Grandma's feather bed

By Christopher

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On Thursday the 24th of December we went to Grandma's house for Christmas. For Christmas dinner we had chicken pie ,country ham and home made butter on bread. After Christmas dinner we sat around the fire. The old folks spat and chewed their tobacco. Grandpa talked about the farm and the war. Grandpa's friends played checkers. Granny sang a ballad or two and we would sit and listen to Grandpa and Grandma.

In the morning I would wake up in the middle of Grandma's feather bed. The next day I went fishing with my uncle Joey and I wrassled with my cousin Big Bob and my six foot cousin Timmy and all my other cousin's.

I get sad when I have to go home and say goodbye to everyone and if I have too make a choose I would trade them all plus the gal down the road for Grandma's feather bed.