My Part Of The Story

Mother Nature

Where was I when Wilma was crying fire in the forest? I was having brunch at Cheesecake Paradise, with my brother Sun-ny, and sister Moon-alisa. We were reminiscing about the gold old days.We didn't have to worry about anything or anyone; when we were little and the whole world was our playground. Sun-ny and Moon-alisa have always been my best friends, which is why I have never understood how Wilma and Fred are constantly at each other’s throats.
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Moon-alisa and I used to spend our winter nights bundled up next to Sun-ny, because he was always so warm. It was never a competition of who had the best powers; we would all treat our powers as if they belonged to all of us. Don’t get me wrong, our relationship wasn’t rainbows and glitter. We did have some downs, but now thinking back on them, they turned out to be pretty funny situations.