Canada 2060

Take a look into the future of your home land!

What will Canada be like in 2060?

Canada will be a greater country (depends on who is the prime minister of coarse!) with more families immigrating to Canada, and greater opportunities for the bright future ahead of us. All though the country is growing much older throughout the years she's been with us, she hasn't changed one bit and is still as beautiful as ever!

Canada's Current status!

Canada's First Nations situation is still having some problems because they keep getting some stereotypes and lack of respect to there cultural beliefs and religions. For the demographic status, the general population will continue to grow. While the immigration status on the other hand, Canada in the future will make a balance in how much immigrants come to the metropolitan area and it is predicted that we will rely on immigration in the future to keep a steady population or it might lower.

Canada's Demographics in 2060!

To start off, the birth rate of Canada will slow down because there will likely be more advanced birth control technology in the future than the technology that we have now in 2015. Secondly, the death rate in Canada will also slow down because there will most likely be much more advanced medical technology in 2060 that will gradually lower the death rate. Now lastly, the natural increase rate will stay the because as I said about the evolution in technical levels, the technology will cause the demographics to slow down.
Demographics of Canada

First Nations communities 2060!

I predict that the First Nations community in the future will gradually grow due to all the awareness that some First Nations people and non-First nations has spread to let the Canadians know the dark history of the aboriginals that the First Nations had went through in order to get to where they are now. So, the result will be the first nations people earning the respect that they have been waiting for in the past decade.

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