Save the Chickens!

By, Nov. 23rd 2014

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Battery cages, they're no good!

Our statement:

Battery cages should be banned because they are harmful and unkind to chickens.

What are battery cages and why are they so bad?

Battery cages are small cramped cages where hens are kept in chicken farms. They provide an average of only 67 square inches of floor per hen, which is less than an 8x10 sheet of paper! California banned battery cages and all eggs from the cages because it is unkind to the chickens. Six other states argue that this will cost too much money in replacing the battery cages and don't want to do it.

Why should we replace battery cages?

Europe already banned battery cages in 1999, but gave farmers 12 years to get rid of the cages before it was made illegal. It will cost 120 million dollars to replace all of the battery cages or they have to stop selling eggs to California all together. California has refused to buy any eggs that were laid by hens in battery cages. Joe Maxwell, a farmer and vice president of an animal rights group said, "What farmers and ranchers need to recognize is that consumers are demanding higher animal welfare, and some customers are willing to pay higher prices if they know that the animals are well treated."

When will this ban go in effect?

The battery cage ban is set to go in effect on January 1st, 2015.
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