Pie a teacher!

May 4rd ~ May 12th

Help the environment and smack pie at your favorite teacher's face!

For our design class, we had to choose a community project, and we chose to help clean a park, because several children can not play in local parks since they are dirty. For this, we will need fundraising to buy appropriate materials. We will pick one person who donated money to pie a teacher during assembly or townhall.

List of teachers you can pie:

Mr. Carlos - Middle school physical education

Mr. Bruno - Physics

Mr. Peter - Biology

Mr. Daniel - High school physical education

Mr. K - Middle school math

Mr. Philip - Art

Ms. Mary - Middle school social studies

Ms. Maritsa - Middle school Brazilian social studies

Ms. Denissa - Middle school English language art

Ms. Kristi - High school math

We will be at the cafeteria during lunch.