Visual Learner

Eli Avila


is a teaching and learning style in which idea,concepts,data,and other information are associated with images and techniques.

Attributes about the visual learning style?

  • Mind something stays during verbal activities observe rather than talks or acts.
  • Like to read usually a good speller memorize by seeing graphics and pictures not too destructible.
  • remember faces uses advance planning doodles quiet by nature meticulous, neat in appearance notice details.

How you learn?

You prefer using images,pictures,color and maps to organize information and communicate with others.You can easily visual objects,plans and outcomes in your minds eyes.You also have a good spatial sense, which gives you a good sens of direction.You can easily find your way around using maps, and you rarely get lost.When you walk out of an elevator,you instinctively know which way to turn

Best study habits?

  • written language
  • pictures and diagrams
  • use a highlighter or pen contrasting colors to color code
  • close your eyes and visualize the information