Hello Dad, Welcome TO SCIENCE!!

Thank you for coming to open house!

Earthquake PBL


Earthquake PBL was very fun, it was one of the most fun science projects I had. This project was a group project with my table Aimy, Joleen, Lauren, Cassidy, and me! Mrs. Chappas assignedthis project mainly because she wanted to see if we can build a house strong enough. We didn't actually build a house, we used posticle sticks,clay, and more also ithad to be 3D. My group had to do many steps to start building our house and it was very frustrating to stick the clay with the posticle sticks but it was worth it at the end.

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project


The 30 hands project was one of my favorite things about this class. This project was not a group project it was a individual project :(. Why we mainly did this project, but other to have fun:), was the teacher wanted to know how much we learned-_-. All our projects was describing about what we learned about our atmosphere, and what was damaging it. I really liked doing this project it was fun, and to notice what's going on in our earth.(which turns out there is a huge problem going on to earth)

Invention Convention


Invention convection is one of my things I really, really, really love doing in science :). In this group project we are creating a invention to help save the Earth;). Based on the information we learned about our Earth, we will make a invention to help solve the problem, like what Walle-Toast can do :].He is a waterproof vacuum robot that will clean up all the trash on our Planet :). Aimy, Joleen, and I had named our invention Walle-Toast because he will look like a toast, and do what Walle ( the movie star) does :]. It has been fun for my group and I to do a fun project like invention convection, and I look forward for more projects like this :).