The Peppermint Poodle

One Christmas Eve, in the land of peppermint there was a poodle. The poodle, whose name was Swirly, lived in a house of seven. The family lived in a house made of candy canes and graham crackers. The family was made up of a mother, a father, three boys, and one girl. From the kitchen downstairs the mother, a ruler of the house, shouted upstairs to the three boys and told them to come downstairs while Swirly walked into the kitchen chewing on a bone. The little girl walked over to her and rubbed her on the head. The puppy, wagging its tail, drooled on the floor. On Christmas Eve, Swirly decided to eat part of the wall, which is made of candy canes. Swirl then turned into an evil peppermint puppy and began growling and trying to bite everyone in the house. Everyone was running around the house screaming their heads off. Although they were scared, the family tried to calm Swirly down by giving her a treat, but that failed because she gobbled it down in one bite. They were all getting more worried every second that Swirly would attack them. From the front door, the father shouted orders to everyone to calm down. They came to the solution that they would just go to bed and the poodle would calm down. It worked....or so they thought. They went to bed and during the night Swirly came out and ate them all up. Beware of the evil peppermint poodle! Merry Christmas :)


1. Adjective Clause 2. Appositive Phrase 3. Participial Phrase 4. Compound Sentence

5. Adverb Clause 6. Prepositional Phrase By: Audrey & Miranda