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December 4th, 2020

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Food Pantry THURSDAY at 3pm.

Lunch every Tuesday and Thursday!

Message from Mrs. Whitten

Hello Greenway Families- I loved watching the video below to see how Greenway celebrated Dude Be Nice Week! Our first Kickin' it for Kindness was a success, and some essential funds were raised for the PTO! Thank you Greenway families!

This time of year can be challenging, with shorter days and long nights. I often remind staff during this time to look for the bright spots, and even with the rising covid cases, and online school fatigue, there are bright spots! We celebrate all of these small moments where your children are showing up and shining. Take a moment, and think about in what ways have your children grown since September? What are you proud of? Now be sure to tell them!

In this issues are some important sign ups below:

  • winter break meal sign ups
  • a cafe winter warm up kt
  • a stress management class
  • really fun stuff with Beaverton City Library over the winter break
  • new book bus times

Winter Break is from December 21st to January 5th. See Year Long Calendar Below.

Please come to our PTO meeting WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9th at 6pm


Meeting ID: 481 141 4851

Passcode: 509942

Check out the assembly!

Greenway Assembly - December 4, 2020

Stress Management for the Whole Family! Sign up Below!

Winter Warm Up Cafe Kits- Sign up here!

Sign up for a winter warm up kit from Cafe!

Each kit contains a warm blanket for the student plus some canned food with a few recipe ideas. Then, each student can choose 1 special item from the categories of family board game, puzzle, or indoor gardening kit!

Winter Warm up Kit

You need to register for CAFE to get a kit, but it is not too late. Sign up here!

Here's the English registration form.

Here's the Spanish registration form.

Winter Break Meals

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Greenway Library To Go

We have moved our Book Bus hours to facilitate non instruction Wednesdays!

The book bus will now run on Wednesdays 11 am-1pm.

That means we need to move evening curbside check out at Greenway to

Tuesdays: 4 pm to 6pm

and still keep the same lunch curbside time-

Fridays: 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.

We will be distributing "book bundles" for k/1, 2/3 and 4/5, since students cannot peruse an actual library. Greenway also has 2 ways to get specific books into your hands. You can request to put a book on hold here:

Greenway library catalog

If you need help, this is a tutorial on how to place a book hold:

Book hold tutorial

OR you can fill out the Greenway to Go form and Mrs.Sprague will help you with what you are looking for: Greenway to Go!

Beaverton City LIbrary!

Winter Break and SnowFest

You are gearing up for a winter break like none other—Beaverton City Library is ready with free live and recorded online events starting with SnowFest, a weekend full of stories, songs, STEAM activities, and live performances in partnership with Beaverton Civic Theatre.

Book Gift Guide

Looking for a new book to give a young person? Our Beaverton City Librarians have put together a recommended list for babies-high schoolers with some of our favorite new books from 2020.

Marathon Kids!

Marathon Kids 2020/2021

Beaverton School District

Greenway Elementary

Beaverton School District is excited to announce its partnership with Marathon Kids; a running club that will be available to your student THIS WEEK!

What is Marathon Kids?

  • An all inclusive running club

  • Students track miles run to earn Marathons

  • Rewards are available for students when they hit different mile markers

Marathon Kids mission is to get kids moving, one lap at a time, at the pace they choose. Walk, run, jog those laps until they have earned the goals they have set for themselves.

Why Marathon Kids?

We all know how much exercise and movement is important for not only our physical health but also our mental health. Research shows that incorporating consistent running/walking routines into students' lives, helps them both physically and mentally. No matter the students ability, they can run/walk/jog at their own pace and set their own mileage goals. This is the perfect activity for students and families to do safely and socially distanced from others, in the time frame that fits each family's schedule.

How will this work during CDL?

Students will run/walk/jog and track their own miles at home with their families. Parents will then submit the miles completed on the Marathon Kids website. Miles will then be approved by the student’s PE teacher- Mrs. Whitehead.

In order to have access, parents will receive an email to join the schools Marathon Kids Club. Be sure to click on the link in the email to get connected!

When does it start?

As soon as you receive your email and you are logged in, you can start running and tracking your students miles! Be on the lookout for an email from Marathon Kids to get connected.

Any questions or concerns, please email Mrs. Whitehead at

Happy Running!

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