Boost Your Typing Speed!

Get on to reach your goal!

Why learn to Touch-Type?

Let your fingers do the typing! You can get a lot more done in a lot less time. Your fingers will memorize where the keys are located, this way your brain can focus on the task and creating ideas.

What's your goal?

How fast should you be typing? Here are the WPM (words-per-minute) goals for each grade:

  • If you're in Grade 3, you should be typing 15 WPM
  • If you're in Grade 4, you should be typing 20 WPM
  • If you're in Grade 5, you should be typing 25 WPM

Practice Makes Perfect

Get on!

You've already got an account!

Get your username/password from Mr. Nadjib if you haven't already. Login to practice at least once a week to start seeing improvements to your typing speed.

Weekly Check & Open Lab

Every Monday, we'll check to make sure you're practicing for at least an hour a week. If you're having trouble logging on at home, the computer lab will be open during snack and lunch breaks for you to practice at school.

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