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Troup County School System - Employee Recognition Edition

Victoria Martin, TCSS Bus Driver

TCSS is proud to honor our bus drivers. Recently, we recognized National School Bus Safety Week. Long Cane Elementary school 5th grader, Caitlyn Morris won 3rd place in the state-wide school bus safety poster contest. Here, Victoria Martin shares why she loves driving for TCSS.

The school system employs 200 transportation employees; including bus drivers, monitors, maintenance shop personnel, and administration. These employees run 125 routes throughout the county and transport roughly 8,000 students and over 2.2 million miles per school year.

October was National School Lunch Week. TCSS took the opportunity to emphasize the healthy foods that are offered daily. “School lunches are healthier than ever; a large selection of fresh and canned fruit is offered daily, along with fresh vegetables, whole grains, and foods containing less fat and sodium,” said Diane Pain, Director of School Nutrition for TCSS. “National School Lunch Week allows us to showcase new menu items and highlight the benefits of our program for parents and students.”

TCSS estimates 12,500 meals are served daily, with an average 4,150 breakfasts and 7,200 lunches served.

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October 31, 2018