Bill of Rights

Daniel Barron, US History, Bl:1

What are the Bill of Rights?

The bill of rights is a section of the constitution that protects the people's rights

The 1st Amendment

Freedom of speech-

This bill means that, nobody or thing can take away your right to say or write anything you want

Court case:Charles T. Schenck vs. US

Charles was drafting people into the army, where the government said it violated the espionage act, but Charles accused the government of violating his freedom of speech for drafting up people for the army, but was later found guilty because more evidence was provided against Charles.

The 2nd Amendment

Rights to bare arms-

This bill means that people may volunteer for the army, and the government can't take away your right to bare an arm for protection

Court case:Mcdonald vs. Chicago

This case was one of the first and most important cases that were part of the District of Columbia vs. Heller, those who approved the right to bare arms won, for the soul purpose of protection from criminals.

The 3rd Amendment

Rights from quartering and housing soldiers-

This bill protects you from quartering a soldier in anytime of peace or war

The 4th Amendment

Unnecessary searches and seizures-

This bill protects you from police searches that occur for no reason, or of those that don't have a search warrant

Court case:Mapp vs. Ohio

In this case, Dollree Mapp was convicted for owning obscene items that somehow related to a recent bombing, police officers had no right to search her home thus arresting her for the photos & books was for no reason.This eventually led to the supreme court which over ruled her conviction with an exclusionary rule that had been applied to the states, finally giving the states its fourth amendment right

The 5th Amendment

Double jeopardy, self-incrimination, & due process of the law in court-

This bill protects you mainly in court, and it protects what you're allowed to do in court

Court case:Barron vs. Baltimore

The 6th Amendment

Rights for the accused in court-

This bill tells about your trial, when it happens, and it talks about the evidence & persecution

Court case: Roviaro vs. US

The 7th Amendment

Right to a jury trial-

This bill talks about the civil cases, and that it can't be brought up again in a different court

The 8th Amendment

Prevention of cruel & unusual punishment-

This bill protects you from ridiculous crimes and fines, that are too extreme

The 9th Amendment

The peoples other rights-

This bill talks about other rights you have that the government can't take them away

The 10th Amendment

Limiting the fed's power-

This bill talks about the states still having power, as long as nothing on the constitution says they don't