red scare


the second red scare

red scare

  1. the second red scare Beginning in 1947 with the HUAC hearings the Second Red Scare marked a period in American history and culture that was defined by a fear of a possible Communist takeover. Propaganda was heavily used against the Soviet Union and its satellites to promote unity against Communism.

what caused the red scare

  1. As World War II was ending, a fear-driven movement known as the Second Red Scare began to spread across the United States. Americans feared that the Soviet Union hoped to spread communism all over the world, overthrowing both democratic and capitalist institutions as it went.

mcCarthyism & hollywood ten

mcCarthyism is the practice of making accusations subversion or treason without proper for evidence

  1. The Hollywood Ten is a 1950 American 16mm short documentary film. In the film, each member of the Hollywood Ten made a short speech denouncing McCarthyism and the Hollywood blacklisting. The film was directed by John Berry. Berry was blacklisted upon the film's release, and unable to find work, he left for France.