Taking Off With Numeracy

Choose your look!

Does not have to be a physical on the wall one but all students in the stage need to be on the wall.

Access your PLAN data for aspects 4 & 5.

Decide on how you are going to identify the term place location for each student in your stage.

Decide on your stage's data wall location.

All teachers, trainer and executive team must be able to access this location.

Inform your Stage Leader of its location.

The trainer will record the locations of the school's stage data walls in the TOWN planning overview.


Your stage is required to establish a Data Wall on which to establish beginning points for every student in your stage.

This Data Wall is referred to and updated at least once a term. It needs to be set up where all staff in your stage can see it and make changes it it.

Your initial task is

  • to decide on what your data wall is going to look like.
Then the following

  • Use your plan data for aspect 4 & 5 to place each student in your stage on their beginning point- ensure you have a method to identify when different levels were attained. Stage 2 & 3
  • Use your PLAN data for aspects 1,2 & 3 for ES1 & 1
Once you have placed the students, it is important that all teachers in your stage have access to it and that it is updated each term.