Poplar Grove Post

December 2018


Hello again PGMS Families,

Thank you so much for your continued support of our students and teachers. We are excited about the amazing things going on here at PGMS. Last month we were super busy with things like the Career Quest for our 8th graders, the Coffee House Show, the PBS Lock-In, the Book Fair, Spirit Night, Family Literacy Night, and all the other wonderful things happening for our students. We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving break, and we have hit the ground running this month getting ready for success! December is going to be another great month with lots of great things happening. Again, thank you for continuing in your partnership to make PGS an amazing place to work and learn.


Wow, I can’t believe how quickly our first semester is passing by!

With the cooler weather, comes the seasonal increase in colds, Influenza and other viruses. Here at PGMS, students have been ill or sent home recently due to vomiting, diarrhea, strep and viral sore throats. Please reinforce with your child the importance to good hand washing and getting enough sleep. Remind your child that if they are not feeling well at school, to notify their teacher and ask to come to the clinic. YOUR CHILD SHOULD NOT CALL OR TEXT YOU ABOUT PICKING THEM UP DUE TO ILLNESS, UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN EVALUATED IN THE CLINIC FIRST! As a district, we monitor the illness and viruses circulating in our community.


Hosted by the Williamson County Public Health Department on December 5, 2018 from 1-5 PM, at the Franklin Housing Community Center located at 100 Spring St. Franklin.


When outdoors, wrapping a scarf around your child’s nose and mouth can warm up the cold air they are breathing in, reducing the risk of asthma attacks.


Children who have healthy habits come to school ready to learn! Last month I addressed the importance of eating breakfast. Research shows that children who eat breakfast are better nourished, have better grades, behavior and school attendance. In 2018, the youth physical activity guidelines were updated. All children 6-17 years of age, should engage in 60 minutes or more of vigorous physical activity daily. Regular physical activity among other things is important for stress relief, weight management and life-long health!

Happy Holidays!

Nurse Liz


Internet Safety:

The Internet can be a wonderful resource for kids. They can use it to research school reports, communicate with other kids, and play interactive games. Any child who is old enough to punch in a few letters on the keyboard can literally access the world.

But that access can also pose hazards to your children. For example, your 8-year-old might log on to a search engine and type in the word "Lego." But with just one missed keystroke, he or she might enter the word "Legs" instead, and be directed to thousands of websites with a focus on legs - some of which may contain pornographic material.

That's why it's important to be aware of what your children see and hear on the Internet, who they meet, and what they share about themselves online. Just like any safety issue, it's a good idea to talk with your kids about your concerns, take advantage of resources to protect them from potential dangers, and keep a close eye on their activities. Your child's best online protection is you. By talking to your child about potential online dangers and monitoring his or her computer use, you'll be helping your child to surf the Internet safely.



In Social Studies, we have gotten into the battles of the Civil War! Your children have grouped up and created graphic/comic strips about a specific battle. They will then "teach" the rest of the class what they've learned in a presentations of posters. They're colorful and look fantastic so far!!!

Big picture


We have been studying Egypt in Social Studies! Students created all kinds of Egyptian art forms and displayed them in the library for our Egyptian Museum.


7th graders have been working on understanding the structure of atoms and the periodic table. Bohr models of elements 1-86 are on display in the library during December!

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8th grade will be taking midterm exams during the week of Dec. 17th:

12/17 - No exams

12/18 - Math and Social Studies

12/19 - Foreign language exam

12/20 - ELA and Science

If your student will be absent for any reason, please reach out to Drew Reimer at reimerdre@fssd.org and he will arrange a day(s) for them to take their midterms.



Poplar Grove’s 5th grade STEM class is enjoying a unit on space this December with lots of support from Vanderbilt University! We are excited to begin our learning journey with a computational model and adding a theatrical model as a fun twist! Who knew learning about our place in space could be so much fun!

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Students in Ms.Lavery's 8th grade Spanish Class presented their college research with Google slides for a Mock college fair. CareerQuest and this student-led college fair have these 8th-graders thinking about their futures! Students researched Duke, Harvard, Kentucky, Florida and many more prestigious universities. We also want to thank all of our supporters, Mrs.Jenn Morrison, Mrs.Andrea Watkins, and Tennessee Pathways for your partnerships! The future is looking so bright for these students!



Thanks to all students, parents, teachers, and guests who were able to attend our first Family Literacy Night. And thanks to our Student Authors:

Michelle Farinas

Sullivan Kelly

Kathryn Morphy

Addison Pauley

Laura Clymer

Ella Erickson

Taylor Grabiel

Marlie Disch

Sanjana Alokam

Piper Gaboury

Ana Herrero

and Jennifer Segovia

Their writing will be on display on the bulletin board in the PGMS lobby. If you weren't able to make it, we hope you can join us next year. Please see a list of literacy apps, websites, and games here:


Big picture


Middle School Friends: Please join us on December 18 at 7:00 am for Breakfast with the Elves!

Our menu will be:


Pancakes with assorted toppings

Hot cocoa


November was a great month for students at PGMS to give back to the community and demonstrate responsibility, respect, and show pride. As a whole school, we donated 922 pairs of socks to The Nook, and House Coraticus lead the school with the most donations. Also, all students participated in making thank you cards for active duty military during one Advisor Group Friday, and continued to stop by and make them in the lobby during “Be Nice” Week. PGS sent in a total of 600 thank you cards to be delivered!

We will continue to discuss the character trait courage during the month of December, and we will be awarding PRIDE awards to students demonstrating courage at PRIDE time on December 21st. We will spotlight the recipients next month!

The December weekly PBS drawing is for a LUNCH BUNCH! Students should enter PBS tickets or raffle tickets in the hallway boxes for a chance to win. Winners will be drawn Friday mornings and will receive a LUNCH BUNCH pass to bring two friends to eat lunch either in the library or Mrs. Davis's classroom.

House Point Update (after 11/16 House Day):

1st place with 6,624 points – House Reverentum

2nd place with 6,417 points – House Almitas

3rd place with 5,806 points – House Coraticus

4th place with 5,173 points – House Sapenta

We will continue to have many more ways for Houses to earn points throughout the remainder of the year! Don’t forget our yearlong pull-tab competition!


Our PBS Lock in was a huge success! We had 135 students attend, and after food costs, we earned just under $2250 to fund our house days, community service projects, prizes and incentives, and the carnival this year.


It is that time of year again. As you are cleaning out bookshelves and closets and making room for new books, please be sure to donate any gently used children's or adult books and movies to our Annual Used Book Sale. Collection bins will be in the front lobbies. All proceeds of the Used Book Sale go to our library media centers. This is a great environmentally-friendly way to REUSE some great books and help encourage LITERACY in our community.


We are happy to announce that our PGMS TECHFIT has been selected to compete at Purdue University on December 10th.

We are so proud of our kids! Our students will present our Exergame and Scratch Video.

The judges will evaluate our Exergames on originality, creativity, qualification as a fitness game, level of perceived fun by game players, to name a few.


The class was taught by Deb Shuler and Laura Lavery.


PGMS is partnering with One Gen Away to host a food drive and giveaway on Saturday, December 8th from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Johnson Elementary. House Reverentum will be organizing the event for PGMS, but any student is able to come out and serve their community. The first 100 students who sign up can serve, and for every hour served, they will earn their House 10 points! Please sign up by using the link posted to your House Google classroom. You must have your parent’s permission to sign up.


The 2019 Poplar Grove Yearbook is now on sale. It’s the best way to remember this year's events, classmates, and friends. Yearbooks are on sale for $35. Go to www.balfour.com to order yours today.