Elementary Special's Newsletter

May, 2017

Art with Mrs. Cooper

We are wrapping up in the art room for the last few days of the year! Students are making videos to showcase their portfolios. We will be sending SeeSaw invites home for you to be able to access your students work. Be sure to check Friday Folders for these!

Please remember that all art project are due MAY 5th! Students were to turn in 3 projects that they have created over the course of the trimester. We have had catch up days too so everyone can get theirs done.

There are many exciting art opportunists over the summer so please be sure to check out the following websites for more info!



Have a great Summer!

Library/Media with Mrs. Steelman

For the last few library classes of the school year, we will be discussing summer reading. We will be looking at various summer reading programs in our area and also watching some book trailers. Book trailers help to build excitement for reading and help us explore a wide variety of genres.

This week was our last week for book checkout. Please help remind your student that all library books need to be returned before the last day of school. If you have overdue library books that are lost please pay the fines for them before the last day of school. Overdue notices will be sent home in Friday Folders on May 5. This will allow students time to find any books that they have had checked out for a while. Reminder notices will be sent home with students who have not returned books beginning on Friday, May 12.

5th Graders: Please note overdue books and/or fines will be transferred to your Middle School library account if they are not returned and/or paid for by the last day of the current school year.

Thanks for your help at home! Have a wonderful summer!

Music with Mr. Hennessy

3rd Grade: The last few weeks we have learned about and listened to the William Tell Overture and have been learning about Duke Ellington and Jazz music. We have learned about the Jazz Big Band, Swing feel, improvising, and listened to Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie play the jazz style of Bebop. To close out the year we will be playing drums and learning about some different music genres.

4th Grade: We just finished our unit about Ragtime music and the composers Scott Joplin and Blind Boone. We are now doing a unit about different music genres. We learned about Reggae music and played instruments to a song by Bob Marley. Next we are going to listen to some classic Bluegrass and Country music.

5th Grade: We are finishing the year up with a unit on Baroque music. We have studied Antonio Vivaldi and listened to Spring from the Four Seasons. We learned that this is from a Concerto and that it is an example of Program music (music that intends to describe an event, mood, idea, or story). We are currently studying Johann Sebastian Bach and the difference between Sacred and Secular music. We will close out the year learning about George Frideric Handel and listen to an Oratorio. Please urge your student to sign up for Band or Choir next year when they make there schedule - this is a great opportunity to continue growing as a musician!

P.E. with Coach Craig

Physical Education classes have tried a few new games so far in April. One of the favorites has been "Hungry Hungry Hippos." This is a new game that we play on the scooters. In this cooperative game, students are working with a partner and take turns to try to collect as many colored plastic balls as they can and bring it back for their team. Students will use math skills at the end of the game to count and see how many plastic balls they have. The team with the most is the winner.

Another game we tried was called "Noodle Smackdown." In this game students were using noodles to block students from shooting a ball into a plastic tub. It was a very competitive game, as we played girls vs. boys. I think both of these new games are keepers.

We have had a great year in Physical Education. I will email parents to notify you if your child will be receiving an award at our end of the year assembly on May 17th.

Please pay attention to the specials schedule so your child wears proper shoes and clothes for PE.

Counseling with Ms. Horton

For the month of May, we are reviewing what it means to be “Safe, Respectful, and Responsible”.

I’m excited to announce that at this point, we have 336 students in the PBS Club. To be in the club, the students need to earn three sets of 35 tickets. The students who are in the PBS Club will be going on a field trip to Going Bonkers for 4th & 3rd grade. 5th grade will be going roller skating.

4th Grade will be going on May 12, 5th Grade will be going on May 18, and 3rd Grade will be going on May 19.

If a student’s behavior has earned them to be in ISS or OSS during the months of April or May, they will not be allowed to go on the field trip. I have talked with all of the students about this and they know about this consequence.

When it comes to sibling conflict, it’s common for all of us to focus on the wrong problem: Their relationship with each other rather than our relationship with them.

Healthy parent-child relationships are characterized by two things: First, the child feels unconditionally loved. Second, the child sees the parents as the undisputed authority figures in the home.

People who care enough to study Love and Logic materials… such as this tip… rarely have an issue with the “love” part of this equation. It comes naturally! The part they struggle with… and so do I… is the authority part.

Perhaps it’s helpful to remember that when we provide strong leadership… not just friendship... we see:

• Happier kids who tend to get along far better with us.

• More secure kids who have fewer conflicts with each other.

• Kids who respect us enough to stop arguing with each other when we ask, “Guys? Will you stop that, please?”

When we display relational weakness, chronic sibling conflict is a sure result.

Kids almost always fight with each other more when

they lack consistent and loving limits.

Too frequently, all of us slip into the habit of addressing symptoms rather than core causes. When we do so, we find ourselves endlessly spinning our wheels, dealing with recurring symptoms, as well as ones that continuously erupt in new and unpredictable ways.

Real and lasting solutions to recurring family issues involve taking strategic steps toward reestablishing loving authority in the home. The first step involves asking the following questions:

• Are we setting enough limits that we can actually enforce?

• Are we enforcing these limits with empathy and logical consequences rather than trying to do so with empty threats and lectures?

• Are the kids able to manipulate us… their parents… against each other?

• Are we trying too hard to be their friends rather than focusing on remaining friendly authority figures?

After asking these questions, review my audio, Sibling Rivalry: Strategies for Teaching Your Kids How to Get Along. If it doesn’t change your life, I’ll buy it back.

Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.

Dr. Charles Fay

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