New York

New York the Great Melting Pot

Wait Just A Minuit

Peter Minuit was a Dutch colonial governor of New Amsterdam. He is best known for trading trinkets with local Native Americans for the purchase of Manhattan Island. Many languages were spoken on the streets of New Amsterdam such as French, Swedish, Danish, and many other languages including African tongues.
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Netherlands where you can enjoy freedom and individual Liberty

Many felt that New York was founded by the English but that isn’t the case, New York was actually founded by us the Dutch. Actually New York had a different name at the time, we had named the colony New Netherlands. Henry Hudson who was an explorer for the English, actually brought the region to our attention when he was trying to find a passage to the Pacific we named the river he was sailing the “Hudson River.” While settling on the colony we met Native Americans who helped us with trading, soon we were trading fur since there was a high demand back at home. Before we knew it we had purchased land from the Natives, this was the start of our great colony. Our governor was Peter Stuyvesant, he had said “I shall govern you as a father his children.” The Dutch West India Company started trading slaves from Africa, soon our beautiful colony became a melting pot full of different settlers. On the streets of New Amsterdam you were hearing different languages such as, French, Danish, Finnish, and many others. Soon the British were coming, they became interested in our colony around the year 1664. King Charles II granted his brother the Duke of York our land, so then he renamed New Netherlands as New York. The English military came and forced our governor to surrender.

Research taken from Of The People and

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