Merry Christmas!

And a Happy New Year

At this time of year with all of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season: concerts, kids programs, parties and get togethers, it is easy to forget the blessings of the season. Take time to enjoy your family and friends. We will be doing the same.

As I finish up the orders I have for Christmas delivery, I want to thank all of my loyal customers for standing by in these tough times. I know that disposable income is tight, and for those of you who have chosen a River Lodge Woodworks product, I most sincerely thank you.

Handmade Furniture a Gift that Lasts

Our furniture is of such high quality, its value will be felt for years to come. Whether it's our children's furniture that suits the grandchildren or the logo chairs for a favorite graduate, or the Adirondack chair to give to the person who deserves to relax, River Lodge Woodworks furniture will be a gift that lasts.

We are taking orders for Christmas gifts. While we likely won't be able to get the piece to you in time for you to have on the 25th, we would be happy to provide something to represent your gift that can be put under the tree. Contact us today!