¿Qué hacen los niños?

What are 5th graders doing in Spanish class?

La máquina del tiempo

In Spanish class recently, the 5th graders learned about EL TIEMPO- weather. The students were tasked with creating a comic strip based on their new vocabulary and a given play script about a weather machine. The script was divided into 4 parts, and each small group designed their own portion of the historieta or cómic. Click on the buttons below to view the compilations. *I do recommend viewing the comics on a desktop computer, rather than on a mobile device, for optimal page flipping effect! ¡Disfrútenselos!

La clase de Señor Springer

Cómic 1

Diseñado por: Gwen, Clara, Jack, Xander, Thomas L., Erika, Claire, Jayden M.

Cómic 2

Diseñado por: Savannah, Caroline, Avery, Nyssa, Sam, Wilson, Ian, Sawyer

Cómic 3

Diseñado por: Connor, Finn, Emerson, Ted, Weston, Teague, Andrew, Thomas B.

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