Fred T. Korematsu National Holiday

"I thought what the military was doing was unconstitutional"

Fred T. Korematsu's Early Life

Fred T. Korematsu was a very brave man. He was born on January 30th 1919 in Oakland. Korematsu grew up as the 3rd child out of 4, with Immigrant parents. After the United States Entered World War II he tried to enlist into the U.S. National Coast Guard. Korematsu did not make it into the Coast Guard due to his, Japanese Ancestry. Then on December 19, 1941 the bombing of pearl harbor happened. Soon after on February 19 1942, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Executive Order 9066. The Executive Order 9066, authorized the U.S. Military to remove over 120,000 people of Japanese Descent, which many were American Citizens. Fred T. Korematsu decided to go against the government and hide. On December 1944 Korematsu brought his case to the Supreme Court for discriminating the Japanese.


List of Accomplishments

  • Fought for Equality of Japanese Americans
  • Fought for Equality of Muslims After 9/11
  • An Active Member of the NCRR