The kingdom of god is a theocracy


-A system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.


-Theocracies involve a shared common belief system.

-Supports religion encouraged political and social unity.

-Ensures people's political decisions were in line with the people's values and their beliefs.


-As the states grew larger, problems arose.

-Enforcing religious unity became increasingly difficult.

-Religious minorities are often marginalized.

-Religious warfare broke out as groups with differing beliefs fought for control of their governments.


-In 2007, only two theocracies existed in the world.

-Vatican City & Iran

-Vatican city is the governmental and spiritual center of the Catholic church.

-Independent state ruled by the Catholic Pope.

-Iran was a monarchy before a theocracy.

-Iranians expelled their hereditary ruler and formed an islamic republic headed by a religious leader known as Aytollah Khomeini.