The First Day Of School

Johnston Tony

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This book is about Sparky and Eddie are best friend and they are going school this year. They saw the class room lists but they wasn't same class so they was upset and they make a deal. The deal was "If we like teacher we'll stay, If we don't, we'll go home and stay at home."And they go to school and they have a fun and they love it! so they say "I'm gonna stay!" so they stay at school and they always go to school.

My Review-Opinion

I like this story because this story is about good friendship and about school. and don't know English well but when I read this story I understand everything in this story! so I think this story is easy to understand and if you don't know English well you should read it! and I think it's kind of boring to who understand English well.

Favorite quote from the book

My favorite quote from this book was"I will stay because it's fun! "


I give 4 stars because I enjoy this book and it was easy to understand to me so I give 4 stars!
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