Students Using Ipads In Classrooms

by Marilyn Rincon


Students have been able to expand their way of learning by using the technology in classrooms.The use of ipads benefited those with disabilities in a positive way. It explains, “poor fine-motor skills, the touch-screen design is easier to use than a desktop computer with a mouse or a laptop with a touchpad.”


Often we hear Doctors, Commercials, and parents telling us “exercise 30 minutes a day” because it is important for your health however why do not tell us this about using technology and the internet?

  • Are we loosing communication by going all digital?
  • Should their be a specific age were students are exposed to technology?
  • Are teachers familiar with what they are incorporating in class?

Pros and Cons

Students should be exposed to it at the age where they can manage the time they use it. Parents should be aware that when a kid is issued an ipad they are exposed as well to the internet and social media so they have to really look out for what their children are doing