on the right track - plan

grade 8 design cycle guide

Detailed Plan

Emphasis must be on Actions, Resources and Time


Sept 10th Tuesday - create a plan

  • Action - create a detailed plan.
  • Resources - calendar, smore, computer and internet
  • Time 30-60min


12 - Stand Alone layout and style focus

13 - Stand Alone content focus




Sept. 17th Tuesday - Spreadsheet skills and layout focus

  • Action - establish the basic features of spreadsheets and create the basic structure of the table.
  • Resources - Excel or Numbers spreadsheet, MYP assessment info and a computer.
  • Time - 60-90 min



20 - Library Day - no class




24 - Spreadsheet content focus.

25 -

Sept. 26th Thursday - arrive to class with STAND ALONE fully completed and the SPREADSHEET fully completed for TESTING.

  • Action - testing.
  • Resources - completed spreadsheet and standalone presentation, testing group (5 friends) and also feedback sheet.
  • Time - 60 min

Plan ~ Assessment Criterion C

0The student does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors below.

1 — 2The student produces a plan that contains some details of the steps and/or the resources required.

3 — 4The student produces a plan that contains a number of logical steps that include resources and time. The student makes some attempt to evaluate the plan.

5 — 6The student produces a plan that contains a number of detailed, logical steps that describe the use of resources and time. The student critically evaluates the plan and justifies any modifications to the design.