Wind Turbines

Use wind turbines


Wind Turbines are renewable resources. Wind Turbines are named after wind energy. Use wind turbines to not waste coal or oil. if we run out of coal we will have to wait millions of years. The us uses 20% of wind turbines for the us.

How wind turbines saves money

Wind turbines saving consumers money. consumers save about $65 to $200 dollars a year. if you payed $200 dollars last month you would save 70% of that money if you use wind turbines. you will save about $2200 dollars a year if you switch to wind turbines. but wind turbines do cost a lot they can cost you up to 6k to 20k.
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Wind Energy Fun facts

As of May 2014 the United States is home to 46,000 operating wind turbines. Modern wind turbines produce 15 times more electricity than the typical turbine did in 90s. American wind power is a $10 billion a year industry. Wind mills have been in use since 2000 B.C. and were first developed in China and Persia. A single wind turbine can power 500 homes.