RVUSD: Plan for Week of October 5

Quick Information

  • School/Distance Learning will continue to be canceled on Monday and Tuesday
  • Distance Learning will start on Wednesday, October 7th
  • Our Focus this week will be on Social Emotional Well-Being
  • Counseling support is available via our WarmLine. The number to call is (628) 777-3577


Support for our Families/Staff who have Experienced Home Loss

Unfortunately many of our families and a few staff members have experienced home loss or damage. Our hearts go out to these families in these extremely trying times. Together as a community we will be creating opportunities for others to contribute to relief efforts that might help ease the pain and most especially let these families know we care!

Distance Learning/School Will Remain Closed Monday and Tuesday: time to return/clean and recover

With a tremendous portion of our district affected by the Glass Fire through property destruction, evacuation, home loss/damage, smoke and ash, and power outages RVUSD has decided to remain closed to official distance learning on Monday and Tuesday, October 5th and 6th. Our families and staff need time to return home, clean and reorganize and prepare for learning once again.

Due to high levels of trauma triggered by these most recent events and layered into the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, RVUSD's initial focus will be on social emotional health and connection of our students and families. Distance Learning will resume on Wednesday, October 7th. Teachers will reach out with specific information. As we have learned through the Tubbs Fire experience of October 2017, students can not attend to new learning until they have re-established social emotional connection with their teachers and peers.

Our counselors will be providing lessons for our teachers to use as emotional well-being check-ins on Wednesday through Friday. Friday will be an enrichment day, one that normally occurs on Wednesdays each week.

Emotional Well Being/Counseling Support

How is your family? Need emotional support? Our counselors are here for you.

Our WarmLine is open. The number to call is (628) 777-3577. Parents or students can call and request to have a school counselor call them back. Messages can be left in English or Spanish.

We understand the amount of stress that our community is experiencing and we are here to help. If you have a mental health emergency, please dial 911.

Our School Buildings

All of our school buildings are still standing and appear to be undamaged. The wind has carried ash onto all campuses, even those far away from the fire. Since a large portion of our teachers provide their instruction from their classrooms and we also provide Extended Care at almost all of our campuses, we will be using the time this upcoming week to clean and prepare our campuses for a safe return.