Friends And Social Media

Are your Friends on Social Media really your friends?

Do you know half of the people you have on Facebook? Or the followers you have on Instagram or the friends you play with online? Well, nowadays your friends that are on social media are the people you don’t know. You accept anyone’s friend requests nowadays on Facebook. Or let anyone follow you on Instagram. Friends that you don’t know can be harmful. You don’t know anything about them. You start talking to them, Or even maybe just keep them in your friends list but never talk to them, but you don’t know what they may do to you.

How do we inform the younger generation?

Kids nowadays are doing exactly what teens do or what their parents do. They make an account and just add random people that can harm them.

does the number of Friends you have on Social Media mean anything? If so what?

People think it’s cool to have so many friends on Facebook or on MySpace or on any social media account. But having so many friends on any social media account doesn't mean anything because half of them may not be your friends.