Middle School News - October 16

Go Wildcats!

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Progress Reports

Our first distance learning progress reports should be arriving home soon.

Just to review:

  • Progress reports are only sent to students who are "failing" or "at risk of failing" at midterm

As a middle school team we will be using NP or NE instead of D or F grades

  • NP means "Not Passing" - That means you child may be attending class but their work doesn't show proficiency YET.
  • NG means "No Grade" - That can mean one of two things. It can mean that your child is not attending class and we have no evidence YET of learning. OR it can mean that they are attending class and classwork hasn't been turned in or they are not participating in class YET.
  • Teachers will be leaving comments on the report, but if you have further questions, please email your teachers who are happy to assist you.

As a middle school team we want to acknowledge:

  • We know that most of this time in distance learning has been used to connect with families, teachers and students learning new platforms and routines.
  • We are teaching during a pandemic and families are also working through different issues and challenges at the same time.
  • We see you, we hear you because our Bridger staff is walking this journey with you.

What is coming up next!


Comprehensive Distance Learning has been extended to end of January.

You can view the message from district leadership here: PPS website


Small groups:

  • Reminder that this is time to continue with work that was given or review.
  • If and when small groups change based off of need, staff will communicate with families and change student schedules.

What does Asynchronous look and sound like?

  • If your child has a group that happens to be asynchronous that day, there should be a communication from the teacher ahead of that and what they should expect.
  • Your child can email the teacher if they have questions. Please be aware that teachers will not answer immediately as they may be performing other tasks with students as well.

If you have questions during school day, Ms. Susy and Ms. Roletto may be available on Google Meet at code: Welcome1

Please email Ms. Roletto with any schedule questions. groletto@pps.net

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Google Meet Codes and Office Hour Codes

Most Middle School Office Hours will happen on Friday from 9:40 - 10:25am

Link to class and office hour codes: MS Google Meet Class Codes

Organization tip for students - WATCH

Here is a way to organize the links and documents you want accessible right away when you start your day. Helps save time and you don't have to remember how to search for things.

Video link: Ms. Roletto's organization tip