Which Discount is better?

$$ or %?

Which bargain is better for these three items? $20 off or 20% off?

Whether $20 dollars off or 20% off is better, depends on the price of the item. The examples below will explain which bargain is better depending on the item price and how to calculate which discount is better.

Saving Money!

What if you were holding two coupons, one that said “$x off: and the other said “x% off.” Which do you use and under what conditions?

Whether choosing to use "$x off" or "x%off" depends on what the answer to the missing variable is and also on the price of the item being bought. After figuring out what the missing variable is and knowing the item price, calculate which bargain is better by either multiplying the percentage by the item price and then subtracting the product from the price of the item e.g ($320.00 x .10= $32) then ($320.00-$32.00=$288.00) the final price of the item is $288.00 compared to subtracting $20.00 from $320.00, ($320.00- $20.00= $300.00) the final price is $300. Just by doing those two calculations and which one comes out with the better price, is how you would know what bargain to use.