Save The Congo Rainforest

Do You Really Want To Destroy The Rain Forests

The Rainforest Is A Wilderness

The Congo rain forest is the worlds second largest rainforest in the world, (it makes us 18% of the worlds rain forests) and it is located in central and western Africa. It is home to some of the most amazing creatures like the giant mountain gorillas, one of the most endangered gorilla's. Another beautiful creature living in the Congo is the Green Mambas snake. They both live on the forest floor but live two different lives. Another thing that is living in the Congo are humans. People live in the Congo and rely strongly on the forest to survive. They are natural hunters and use bow and arrows to hunt wildlife. They also rely largely on trading. Some of the natural features of the Congo is that there is the huge Congo River running through the forest. Although there is not a lot of sun that can penetrate through the canopy it is still a very hot and humid place. In fact only 1% of the amount of sun actually hits the forest floor. One of the Congo's main threats is deforestation. A large percentage of the Congo is under contract to logging and mining industries that will bring people to the forest and destroy it.

Indigenous tribe - Pygmy Tribe

One of the tribes that live in the Congo is the Pygmy tribe. It is one of the largest tribes and the most well known. They called themselves the Pygmies because of their hight. The tallest of their tribe is 1.5m. They are found in the northern part of the Congo called the Ituri forest. Being small and living in the rainforest is an advantage as they are able to move quicker and more effectively than taller people. Smaller bodies are also dissipate body heat faster. They travel in groups that are 15-70 people. It depends largely on the outside factors e.g. hunting and trading. All of the groups tend to be very nomadic.

Map of the Congo

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