_________don't do drugs_________

how to use medicine properly

Article 1 Title: How to use medicine properly

First don’t buy medicine that you don’t need.

Second if you are a child same as grown ups

don’t take medicine that you don’t need.

Third grown ups hide pills from kids unless

it is there medicine and they know how to take it.

Last but not least don't even think about it. (drugs).

Drunk driving

Article 2 Title: Drunk driving

The problem is the people that drink and drive

crash more than the people that don't drink and

drive .So that makes a big problem because it

can increase the amount of crashes.

So the solution is if you drink planning to go

somewhere where the day or so you drink

after you go to that place. Or don't drink at all.

D.a.r.e. vs. school

Article 3 Title: D.a.r.e vs School

Dare teaches why not to use drugs and not to drink.

School teaches math,science,social,studies,reading,

writing,exc. Both involves teaching and writing.

Both involves humor jokes and laughter.

Mainly involves school.


drunk - Out of control

medicine -To help you feel better

D.A.R.E. - a program

proper - do it right

crashes - a car hinting a other car