Mexico City, Mexico

by: Sandra and Colin

History and Location

Mexico City was first founded by the Aztecs that lived there and was called Tenochtitlan , then in about 1520 spaniards overuled the Aztec empire. Mexico City is located in Mexico and is the capital of the country, and It is in North America. Mexico city is near the center of mexico but is more towards the southern area of the country. The center of the city is located at the coordinate points of 19º 24' N, 99º 09' E .
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Mexican Flag

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Important facts

-System of government- Federation

-Sports- Football, Charrería, baseball, boxing, and basketball

-Population- 8.86 million (2012)

-hosted the 1968 summer Olympics

-Mexico City is relatively cool throughout the year due to its high elevation and location

-In Mexico City the music types are very diverse and have a wide range of music genres and performance styles

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Points of Interest

-Teotihuacan pyramids - Located in northern Mexico city the Teotihuacan pyramids are a great place to visit because they are some of the most architecturally significant pyramids

-Iztaccihuatl volcano- this volcanic mountain is called the white woman, because there are four mountains with white snow on it almost painting the picture of a woman laying down.

-Chapultepec castle- this castle has stood before armies, presidents, and emperors, as the history of this great city went by. the Aztecs believed it was magic and thought it was a gateway to the underworld.

-Museo de Templor Mayor-This pyramid is the main pyramid that was built by the Aztecs in the city of Tenochtitlan

Teotihuacan pyramids

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Iztaccihuatl volcano

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Chapultepec castle

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Museo de Templor Mayor

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