Robert Frost

1920's Poet


Robert Frost was born in San Francisco March 26, 1847. After his dad died due to Tuberculosis, his family moved to Massachusetts. That is where he found an interest in writing and poetry. He went to collage at Dartmouth collage in Hanover, New Hampshire, but later decided to go to Harvard, but he never received a formal collage degree. Frost worked as a teacher, cobbler and editor till his first poem, "My Butterfly" was published in 1894. Frost married a lady named Elinor White and she served as an inspiration for his poems till she died in 1938. They tried farming in New Hampshire, but failed, and therefore moved to England. Its there that people stared seeing Frosts talent in writing and were starting to publish his work. When Frost returned to America, he had two full length collections. Frost died in January 29th, 1963 where President Kennedy spoke at his funeral, as Frost spoke at his inauguration.


Robert Frost made a great impact on the 1920's. Many say he is arguably the greatest poet in the 1920's. And even today, he is an inspiration to new uprising poets and writers.
Robert Frost - Mini Biography