If I Stay

By: Gayle Forman


Mia- is a teenage girl, plays cello, loves music, strong, silly, lives in Oregon.

Adam- is Mia's boyfriend, strong, determined, also loves music, is in a band, silly.

Teddy- is Mia's little brother, silly, young, happy

Kim- is Mia's best friend, encourages Mia a lot, also very determined


The setting most of the story is at the hospital but Mia has flashbacks of other places she's been.


Mia doesn't know if she should live or die, if she lives she has no one from her family because they died in the car crash.


One day Mia wakes up and school was cancelled because of a snow day. She's in the car with her parents and her brother, Teddy. They get in a really bad car accident and Mia wakes up and sees herself laying there as if she were a ghost. She's creeped out by the fact that she thinks she's a ghost. She can't walk through things though, and no one can see her. Now she is left with the decision to live or die. If she lies, she will have no family because they died in the car accident. Will she live or die?...

Significant Quotes

''You're embarrassing me'' Mia always waited for the day that Teddy would say that to her.

''That's sounding quite beautiful'' a guy from camp said to Mia when she played the cello.

''You might think that the doctors or nurses or all of this is running the show, nuh-uh, she's running the show.'' The nurse told Mia's family members.