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Flag of Germany

This is a picture of the flag of Germany.
Germany is a country of great wonder and "magic". In fact it is where the Grimm Brothers got inspired to write all of the fairy tales. That being said, you need to check out all of the amazing castles in Germany. You also should see where the Berlin wall once stood. Another must do is going to a soccer game. Soccer is a very popular sport in Germany. Another thing Germans love is their food. Germany is known for their bratwurst; a food you defiantly need to try! If you want to experience all the cultural foods you should have your bratwurst with a side of sauerkraut and jelley doughnuts and gingerbread for dessert. Food and fun, what could be better? Fasching would be a great time to go- lots of fun and food. Fasching is the German carnival celebrated around the months of January, Febuary, and March.
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Restored Castle

This castle is a place where concerts and plays are put on. Many people from small cities are welcome to gather here for entertainment.

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A German barbequing a couple pieces of chicken and bratwurst.


German is the official language of Germany. There are different dialects of German. Surprisingly, English is a required subject, so most Germans know English. The following are common phrases. "Guten Morgen" means "good morning" in German. "Guten Tag" means "hello" in German. "Auf Wiedersehen" is the formal way to say goodbye. "Danke" means "thank you". "Danke shon" means "you are welcome".
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half- timber

This is a picture of a German cottage.


Germany has a federal parlimentary republic government. In a federal parliamentary republic there are 3 branches. They are: executive, legislative, and judicial. The executive branch leads the country through the president and head of state. The current president is Joachim Gauck and the head of state is Angela Merkel. The legislature is composed of Federal Council or Bundesrat which has 69 members and the Federal Diet or Bundestag with 622 members. Another part of having a republic government is you are given the opportunity to vote. In Germany the voting age is 18.


Germany uses the euro like most of Europe. Until 2002, Germans used the Deutsche Mark as their currency. Anyways, you would be more concerned about how many euros you would get for your dollars. 1 U.S. dollar is worth 0.75088 euros.
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Pie Graph of Religions

This pie graph shows the different religions in Germany and the percentage of the population that follows that religion.

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Thank you Elizabeth Bryant for helping me with German!